An excerpt of what you might hear at my senior reading…

21 May

Next Wednesday and Thursday, May 25th and 26th, Idyllwild Arts Academy’s Creative Writing seniors present their senior readings! There are different readers each night (I am reading on Thursday) so it is worth it to come both days. Anyone can come, but some subjects might be PG-13. 7:30 in Stephens Recital Hall.

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6 Apr

Influenced by the style of the mysterious poetry guy who hangs around Higher Grounds with his typewriter, because his poetry is amazing! I am not cool enough for a typewriter.




Because I was not bold the gods stole
flowers from the red wine wood—taken

from luminescent evening gradients
of the robin’s lacking stomach.

Because I was indwelled in barn wood
experiencing only through noctilucent technology.

The gods ripped our backs apart, stripping
skin from skin, flesh from bone, bind us

up with sewing scissors, separate, weaving through
the vertigo of utero with hemp cord.

“You can look into each other’s hearts if you
are bold enough to find them.”


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Shameless Self-Promotion

29 Mar

So it looks like I’m gonna be a Triton!

UC San Diego sent me this exciting little image along with my acceptance letter last Saturday. They also included a pleasant little surprise; I got in to the engineering program as a NanoEngineering major! The name of this blog is no longer irrelevant as carbon nanotubes (and their many siblings) will undoubtedly play a role in my future.

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College + Awards Updates!

16 Mar

Hey everyone! So senior year is super busy time for everyone involved, especially during second semester. As senioritis kicks in (and it’s real, I swear) it seems like more and more work is being copiously piled on. But a good thing about this time of year is that the waiting period ends; all those colleges we applied to, all those contests we entered, finally come to fruition.

And for me there is good news! I’ve won a couple awards recently. I mentioned about a month ago I won something in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, but didn’t know what. It turns out I won a Silver Key for my short play Holiday Cheer (which means I placed regionally but I am not moving on to the national level) and a merit certificate for my general portfolio. This is super cool! And comes with a really spiffy pin of a silver key.

I was also a finalist (although not a winner) in the Poetry Society of America’s  Louise Louis/Emily F. Bourne Student Award. This is apparently super spiffy because I’ve been informed that no one at our school has won or been a finalist in this contest since Carey Powers won in 2007. So this was a terrific ego boost that helped cushion the unfortunate college news I received yesterday.

I guess it’s not that big of a deal, but the only college I’ve heard from so far is UCLA, and I’ve been rejected. It’s really upsetting because they were my second-choice school, and it’s the first news I’ve gotten, which makes me feel pretty down on the weather. I’m still waiting to hear from Santa Barbara on the 21st, Berkeley on the 24th, NYU and Sarah Lawrence on April 1st, and San Diego some time amongst all of those. There’s only a few more days of waiting, but I’m bummed my first word was a rejection.

I have been working on a lot of new projects so I might post some updates on those soon. I am going to try to post more regularly (psh, like that will actually happen).

– Amber

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

3 Feb
Congratulations!  Receiving this email means you have been awarded a Gold or Silver Key for one or more of your submissions to the California Writing Awards.
This also means you and your parents or guardians are invited to I Write the Future, the awards ceremony that will be held in Sacramento in the late afternoon on February 10, 2011.
Victory dance time!

Star Hunting

24 Jan

(Side note: it’s amazing I can still write despite the ever-looming finals week that is here. Finally–writing as distraction instead of work. It feels good.)

Star Hunting

January 24, 2011

Go star hunting in the early
evening, when the sun sets and

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9 Jan





Actual updates soon, once I get back into the swing of things.

Hope you all had happy holidays. 🙂